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Located on a green campus in the oldest city in the Netherlands, Radboud University in Nijmegen is a welcoming, forward - looking, research-based centre of learning that covers the full range of academic disciplines.

It has excellent study facilities and a lively student culture. The town dates back to Roman times and has a rich social and cultural life, including a variety of film, theater and music venues, international festivals and sports events. Thanks to good public transport connections, all other parts of the Netherlands are easily accessible and Brussels and Paris are only a few hours away.
Traditionally amongst the smaller in the Netherlands, the Faculty of Law of Radboud University has a long standing reputation for quality in research, teaching, and organization.

About twenty years ago, the Faculty of Law of Radboud University was the first in the Netherlands to start a European Law programme. During the past decades the Faculty has built an international reputation in the field of European (competition) law, immigration law, insolvency law and private law. Its approach to teaching is small-scale, personal, and interactive. Master’s students have close contact with both lecturers and fellow students, as classes are deliberately kept small.
The Faculty of Law has a truly international orientation and is part of a large network that includes more than fifty universities in Europe, the United States and Australia. All staff and students speak English.

The Faculty of Law at Radboud University is rated number one in Holland for student satisfaction and has moved recently into a new building: the Grotius building. This is an impressive ultra-modern building with state-of-the-art facilities for both students and alumni.


The European Law LLM programme at Radboud University is unique in that it not only provides a thorough understanding of European law in general, but also offers further specialisation (four Master’s specialisations are available):

- Specialisation 1 - International and European Law Advanced

This specialisation offers a general approach with an emphasis on the concepts of European Union law and European Internal Market law. It gives you the opportunity to acquire an advanced understanding of the core issues of EU law. Starting dates: September and February.

- Specialisation 2 - Human Rights and Migration

 A unique feature of this track is that it combines human rights and immigration law courses, two areas that are among the most important in the European Union today. LL.M. students benefit from the outstanding knowledge and experience of the Centre for Migration Law. Starting dates: September and February.

- Specialisation 3 - Business Law

 This specialisation offers students the chance to become experts in the area of European business law. They benefit from the knowledge of the renowned Business and Law Research Centre. This centre combines academic excellence with the practical expertise of major companies and law firms. Starting dates: September and February.

- Specialisation 4- Insolvency Law

Offered in partnership with Nottingham Law School, this dual LL.M programme is designed for students who wish to develop their understanding and knowledge of corporate, insolvency and European law for a legal career with a strong European and international focus. Students spend time studying for the dual LL.M at both university campuses. Graduates of this dual programme will be awarded the LL.M Corporate and Insolvency Law from Nottingham Law School and the LL.M European and Insolvency Law from Radboud University. Starting date: September.


In August 2014 I obtained the Master’s degree in European Law at Radboud University, Nijmegen. So far, this year was one of the best experiences of my life. I felt fulfilled to study European Law and at the same time to explore such a welcoming and warm country. One year in the Netherlands gave me the opportunity to improve my foreign language skills and to adapt at the multicultural environment and it was an optimal opportunity to grow as a professional. Let’s start about everything from the very beginning.

I was always happy to be a citizen of the European Union. It gave me possibilities to travel easily and to study and work abroad. That is why, after finishing my bachelor studies in Lithuania and travelling and working in London and Spain, I decided to deepen my knowledge in the European Law field. It was a hard task to choose both the country where to study as well as the programme. After doing some research, talking with graduate students and checking rankings of universities, I opted for Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. I think that I always will be grateful for that decision.
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First of all, Radboud University is a place that enables students not just to improve their skills but also allows them to demonstrate their knowledge, share their ideas and grow as individuals. I really enjoyed the discussions with my professors, where my point of view was equally important as theirs. The study quality was very high and it really met my expectations. The professors, the classmates, the atmosphere of Radboud University – everything was inspiring and always pushed me to move forward.

Not only Radboud University but also living in Nijmegen in general was something unforgettable. I gained the chance for living in a dormitory and, later with friends, in the city centre. I also got the chance to have a part time job, so I met very nice Dutch people with whom I am still in contact. I will not lie, the first days in Nijmegen were really challenging: the elevated study quality, higher prices than at home, learning how to ride a bike in traffic, finding a job, etc. However, in the end, I overcame all those difficulties and started to feel like a local.

I really miss studying European Law in Nijmegen, the interesting classes, stimulating discussions about EU matters, late nights at the library, coffee-breaks on campus grass and my real Dutch house with big windows, lovely friendly people, and, of course, my old yellow bicycle. I promised myself that one day I will return to Nijmegen. Who knows, it will be for a short visit, PhD studies or, maybe, for a job. I just know that Radboud University satisfied all my expectations – it stimulated me wanting more and reaching for more. And I cannot stop.

Silvija Nemaniute

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