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General Information

Tilburg Law School was established in 1963 and approximately 2,700 students are currently enrolled in its law programs. There are 40 professors, 25 senior lecturers, and 150 lecturers.

Tilburg Law School is one of the leading law schools in the Netherlands and in Europe. Here, we often say that the second letter from our name, the ‘I’, is the most important one as it represents what Tilburg Law School stands for most: innovative, interdisciplinary and above all, international.

The School has a constant high position in national and international rankings on legal education. This can be attributed to the high quality of teaching, the structure and academic content of the programs, the individual attention given to students and to the quality of the student support facilities. It is also one of the largest and most prestigious research faculties in law in the world. This allows students to be taught and to get into contact with some of the leading scholars in the field of law and learn about the newest insights in the workings of law in a globalizing world.

Tilburg Law School offers five English-taught master’s programs. At least 50% of the students of these programs is international (around 40 different nationalities).


LLM International Business Law

The program International Business Law offers in-depth knowledge of the key areas within the field of international business law. But learning is much broader. You learn law within the dynamic context of real-world application, where economic, financial and social forces interplay. Teaching methods have a strong practical bent, ensuring students acquire the personal and professional skills to operate in a high-level business environment.

LLM International and European Public Law

The interplay between national, international and EU law is at the heart of the International and European Public Law program – not to mention legal and policy debates taking place around the world everyday, making a qualification in this area so relevant. Interactive and individually focused learning under the guidance of international and senior teaching faculty, as well as the chance to specialize in one of two fascinating fields, all set this program apart. And you learn it all just a short distance from the two nerve centers of international and European Law: The Hague and Brussels

LLM Law and Technology

The exponential rate of technological innovation is raising serious legislative questions – and demanding smart and inventive solutions by lawyers with right regulatory perspective. Offered by the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society (TILT), the program is unique in that you can gain specialized knowledge in law and information and communication technology, but aso explore questions and issues surrounding controversial and fascinating technological developments in biotechnology, nanotechnology, and neuroscience.

LLM Research Master in Law

The Research Master in Law offers the opportunity to contribute to the knowledge that solves societal issues, by immersing yourself in a specialized area of your choice and learning how to conduct first-rate independent and critical academic legal research in that area. The program is offered in cooperation with Leuven University (Belgium), so students gain access to outstanding professors at two world-class universities, from two different regions.

Advanced LLM in European and International Taxation

The Tax Institutes of Tilburg University and the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) have jointly established the European Tax College. The College provides a Master’s programme on the basis of intensive teaching on European, international and comparative taxation, plus a general introduction to the five major tax systems in Europe and the USA, three special subject courses, court exercise and a Master’s thesis paper. The educational concept is based on our experience that the best way for students with a basic theoretical background to learn is trough debating practical problems with peers and professors, and trying to elaborate solutions in short papers. The learning process therefore takes place in discussions and writing in small groups of not more than ten students under the direction of a course leader.


For one year of studies in Tilburg I feel that I obtained more experience than for 3 previous years. University provides a good atmosphere for interaction between students and professors, creates encouraging educational environment with all the facilities that are ready to help students. Without doubts, being also a part of truly international environment broadens you horizon. Seeing different views of people on various issues indeed develops out of box thinking.

Pawel Bespalov, Ukraine, alumnus International Business Law

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