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Obtaining a LL.M at Erasmus University is the perfect boost for your career. According to the "New York Times Global Employability Survey" Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) delivers the best employable alumni of all Dutch Universities.

Erasmus School of Law offers you high quality education in an international learning environment. Our Law School applies an interdisciplinary approach that combines legal, economic, social, and political thinking.

Our LLM programmes provide you with the theoretical as well as the practical knowledge necessary to operate in and to understand the global environment in which law is functioning nowadays. In addition to the regular courses many fieldtrips are organised to law firms, international courts and international companies to experience the (legal) practice: where Law meets Business.

 Also excellent skills training such as contract drafting is included in our programmes. Moreover as a student you will attend classes with people from many different legal cultures, and thus improve your international and intercultural skills.

Erasmus School of Law is located in Rotterdam. With the largest port in Europe, Rotterdam is one of the most important drivers of the Dutch economy. As a result Rotterdam today is a vibrant cosmopolitan and multicultural city that is home to over 160 nationalities and a host of multinational and local enterprises, like Unilever and Shell.


  • The master Commercial Law has three specialisations: 1. Commercial and Company Law: The specialisation Commercial and Company Law provides the students with insight and knowledge with regard to all legal aspects of doing business in an international setting. It looks at both the commercial aspects and the organisational and company law aspects. Special attention is given also to the influence of EU Law. Based in the port of Rotterdam, this programme educates legal professionals that are to become well versed in commercial, company and labour law.
    2. International Trade Law
    The specialisation International Trade Law focusses on trade law and the commercial aspects of doing business. Starting with commercial contracts, continuing with insurance and transport law, trade finance law and concluding with intellectual property rights, this LL.M. offers you an all-encompassing legal perspective on international trade. The programme has an exclusively commercial law perspective, leaving aside regulatory and company law aspects
    3. Maritime & Transport Law: This specialisation aims to provide you with thorough, in depth knowledge of the Law and practice of the maritime and transport industry. The courses are given by excellent teaching staff with a wealth of experience from the legal practice, maritime and transport industry. Various excursions to relevant companies are part of the programme. Courses include: Law of the Ship, Law of the Sea, Maritime Casualties and Marine Insurance Law.
  • International and European Union LawThis unique LLM focuses on the current processes of economic integration and its impact for the rule of law, democracy and human rights from International and European legal perspectives. Acquire active working knowledge of the trade rules of the EU and the World Trade Organization (WTO).Benefit from discussions with well-known academic scholars and practitioners, such as judges, politicians and representatives of international organizations.
  • Arbitration and Business Law: Globalization and the increasing integration of world markets have placed new demands and challenges on law practitioners. Lawyers have to interact between national and international regulatory environments, as well as negotiate and structure business transactions across countries. The usefulness and significance of arbitration are demonstrated by its increasing use by the business community and the legal profession in many countries of the world..
  • European Master in Law and Economics (Erasmus Mundus programme):
    The world is shrinking, legal systems are changing. With this Master you learn to analyse the latest developments in the context of international and European public Law. Develop a critical look on how these bodies of law promote human rights, the rule of law and the accountability of institutions.
    Courses include: Advanced Public International Law, Advanced EU Law and Human Rights in International Law. This joint programme is organised by the Erasmus Mundus Law and Economics Consortium and covers one academic year and is subdivided into three terms. It offers the unique opportunity for interdisciplinary studies of law and economics at two or even three European and Non-European universities.


Talent and ambition unite at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The LL.M. Business, Corporate and Maritime Law is a meeting-point for like-minded professionals from around the world. My peers are established lawyers, functioning as legislatures, holding diplomatic posts and managing law firms. We are encouraged to exchange ideas and contribute, which results in profound and fruitful discussions that sometimes persist even after the lectures. Needless to say, the academic strength and encouragement of the university’s world-renowned lecturers is unmatched. Rotterdam scholars stand out due to their hand-on experience. Lecturers hold prestigious posts and occupy honorary positions on boards and committees in their respective fields of interest. Such first-class instruction ensures that this LL.M. programme is second to none.

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